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Linda’s favorite escape

Linda’s favorite escape

Hey everyone!
I am Linda and I am studying Business Administration (International Management) in the 4th semester. As I am still a student, I am not yet an Alumni but take on the role as the student representative. Currently, I am studying for my exams and writing my Research Paper about cybercrime in the Netherlands.
Besides that, I try to come up with a good work-life balance. Therefore, I decided to „dig out“ some old books, that neither remind me of school nor of COVID-19, such as ENIGMA. #IMHome spending quite some time with gardening, but also going on short hikes almost every day. 📚🥾

…working at high pressure on our future strategy

online strategy meeting

Hey, how are you all doing? We’re always happy to meet up and can’t wait to see you all again (hopefully soon) 😃 #IMHome

Do you know Marcel’s favorite author?

Marcel between 4th grade math and reading his favorites

Hello there, My name is Marcel, I am a full-time lecturer at the School of Business and our university’s representative in the IM Alumni Board. The last weeks have been very challenging to all of us: Lectures had to be replaced by online seminars and my most favorite module – the Intense Program Abroad in Warsaw, Poland – was canceled only a few days before it would have started. Moving to virtual business made contacts all over Switzerland and Europe much easier, while at the same time I miss meeting with people. Laughing virtually is just not the same!
While #IMhome, I have spent a lot of time reading – and I am almost done with my beloved literature: several thousand pages of Tolstoy and Dostoewsky covered! And obviously, I spent a lot of time with my family, especially during the home-schooling time – now, I know everything about 4th-grade math again 🙂

Our busy B(ee), Brigitte

Longterm member of the Association and FHNW lecturer. As a relief from Webex, #IMHome for me involved gardening, reading, trying to play the piano. And, using my trusty old sewing machine to make face masks.  Scraps of cotton, pipe-cleaners, and packs of coffee filters provided the raw materials 😊 I’ve produced more face masks than my family can deal with, so let me know if you want one. – Brigitte

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