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In order to develop in a future-oriented manner, it’s our goal to tailor our offerings to your wishes and needs. So we keep moving and expanding our channels.

Instagram: @im.alumni

Visit our Instagram profile to find all about our latest events, impressions of past activities, and loads of stories from Alumni.

YouTube: IM Alumni

We were looking for a platform to host our live stream events and store all our videos. Which channel would be better than YouTube? Never miss an online event or event impressions again. Subscribe, hit that like button, and ring that bell icon 😉

LinkedIn company profile:
IM Alumni

We are very grateful for the supporting and engaging community in our LinkedIn group „IM Alumni“. However, as an association, we’ve „outgrown“ the functionality of the group settings.

Old but gold channels!

All those new social media channels are not meant to replace our proven channels. Just make sure to follow us on all channels to make sure you never miss any news. See you there!

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