At our last annual general assembly, you have elected our president Theo and our communications manager Serina. With Marcel as the university representative and Linda as the student representative, the board of 2019/2020 was complete. However, IM Alumni is growing and in need of more board members.


Check the following job openings to find your dream position. This is meant to give you an idea. IM Alumni is grateful for all the support it can get.

In general / board member

General requirements:

  • volunteering
  • need to be an Alumni
  • approximately 5h work per month
  • sense of responsibility and motivation (drive for self-motivation)
  • relates to the IM Way of Life

General tasks:

  • regular board meetings
  • position-specific coordination / tasks

General benefits:

  • Experience as a board member
  • Gain insight into an NGO (specifically alumni association)
  • Expand your professional network
  • Collaborate with three different of shareholders (students, university & alumni)
  • Work with a fun and dynamic team
  • Gain position-specific hard kills

Position-specific example tasks:

Job description: President


  • Team management (coordinate operations and keep the team happy and efficient)
  • External representation (be the face of the organization)
  • Operational responsibility (looks that everything is legal and running according to our statutes and Swiss law)
Job description: Communication


  • Content creation (generate shareholder specific written content and visual design)
  • Campaign/channel management (develop and execute topic/theme specific communication campaigns)
  • Communication Plan (increase overall association reach by strategic planning)
Job description: Finance / Partnership

Finance / Partnership

Finance / Partnership

  • Accounting (balance the books)
  • Budgeting (allocate available funds to best reach our goals)
  • Fundraising & partner acquisition (find new revenue streams to support our mission)
Job description: Events


  • Organisation & Coordination (utilize available resources to ensure that our events run smoothly)
  • Planning and Creation (create annual event calendar and foster new ideas)
  • Promotion (awaken interest in our events to increase participation)
Job description: Human Resources

Human Ressources

  • Mentoring Manager (linking up members of our association)
  • Member Care (understand and advocate for needs and interests of our members)
  • Recruitment (strengthen the human resources of our association)
Job description: Admin


  • Mailbox & Newsletter (execute and manage official correspondence)
  • Minutes (secure knowledge and decisions by protocoling meetings)
  • Knowledge Management (simplify work by organizing the information of our association)
Job description: Web Master

Web Master

  • Website (run and keep improving the user experience of our website)
  • Digital Maintenance (ensure IT tools’ functionality and make them accessible to the association)
  • New Tools & Solutions (identify and implement innovations to increase our efficiency)

We are encouraging anyone who is interested to contribute more to approach us and apply for a position in the board! Do not hesitate if you have any questions regarding this.

Theo Whitwill – current IM Alumni president

Application deadline: October 2nd

Send us an email with your CV or short letter, join our online AGM & present yourself. It’s as easy as that. Apply today!

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