End of: IMOffline challenge

It's time for us to turn off our devices and challenge each other to do some healthy activities. Be it a half marathon, a cycle ride around the Hallwylersee or a yoga session up on the local hill - let's all take time out of our days to look after ourselves and share what we've […]

IMSpotlight: BEEYOND

Sustainable Fashion? Preservation of bees? Ethical working conditions? CO2 friendly international logistics? The startup BEEYOND by IM Alumni combines all these topics. Tune in to hear their story, ask your questions and get a taste for their buzzing clothing line! Dial-in with Zoom (https://fhnw.zoom.us/j/93027070771) or watch our live stream on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy0Bghk-AsFijb9m9IgYEVA).


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