IM Alumni Annual General Meeting

OVR Building FHNW Von Roll-Strasse 10, 4600Olten

Our third IM Alumni Annual General Meeting takes place on the 26. October. It acts as our yearly statutory meeting and is the place where we will discuss relevant topics and make important decisions for our association and the many alumni who will profit from our activities. If you would like to attend the AGM […]

FHNW Alumni sustainable event

All active members of an FHNW alumni organization are cordially invited to the Alumni Annual Event 2022. The event is free of charge. Guests on request. The future depends on what we do today (Mahatma Gandhi).Future generations trust us to do the right thing today so that the world will remain livable in the future. […]

Galica Talks: Media

Galicia Bar Unterführungsstrasse 20, 4600 Olten

We invite you to have an open talk about media with a former FHNW student that works for SRF as a journalist for more than 10 years.

Galicia Talks: Energy

Galicia Bar Unterführungsstrasse 20, 4600 Olten

Come and have an interesting conversation about energy with Mark Whitwill, advisor to KKG, chairman of the world nuclear fuel market and independent consultant.