aPRIL 2020

IM Spotlight: BEEYOND

In this first edition of the IMSpotlight series, we had the pleasure of talking to Fabian Zbinden the co-founder of BEEYOND. Saving bees is at the heart of what they do and Fabian shared the incredible story of their start-up journey. In this webinar you will get to know what BEEYOND is all about, their values and their story so far. 

March 2021

Bachelor Thesis Edition

Are you in your final year of your studies? Have you every wondered what it is like to write a Bachelor Thesis? IMAlumni hosted a Webinar in which former students discussed their experiences in writing their Thesis. You will learn more about the process of writing, researching and engaging the client.

October 2020

IM STORIES: Studi Edition

Are you a first semester International Management (IM) student at FHNW? Hungry for more information or feeling a bit lost? IM Alumni hosted a webinar on how to survive as an IM Student. The Webinar consisted of a panel of three current students (part-as well as full time) as well as an alumna who gave their personal insights and experiences.

October 2020

IM STORIES: International Edition

In collaboration with next Career Services FHNW, IM Alumni hosted an IM Stories live stream ‚international special‘. We heard from our Alumni working and living abroad, in line with our IM way of life.