Today we  donated 2000 Swiss Francs to Andrew Frei and Flavio Schneeberger“s Swiss Support Foundation! This money was raised by the IM Community at the „Bid for a Boss“ charity event on May, 16th this year. Nine „bosses“ went under the hammer and just over CHF 3500 was raised in total and has now been redeemed from the various generous bidders.  After covering the costs for the event plus the graduation prize, CHF 2000 remained for the charity SSF set up by alumnus Andrew and Flavio.

alan and andrew frei

SSF works predominantly with children in the Philippines to improve their lives, especially by funding accident and health insurance (see  Brothers Alan (left) and Andrew Frei at the Bid for a Boss event on 16 May this year.  Alan was the guest speaker  and Andrew, an IM alumnus, is one of the founders of the Swiss Support Foundation which was voted as the recipient for funds raised at the charity auction.

7 October 2014


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