Last year saw the launch of our Association. After the fantastic kick-off event in May when the charity auction raised well over Fr. 4000, we were able to finance a small welcome gift for all the new alumni in October who graduated and start up our website ( Then Fr. 2000 was transferred to IM alumna Regina Naseremba’s Beatrice International College in Uganda. The school is thrilled with this contribution and Regina reports it will probably go towards the funding of a third school block now that registrations are rising. We’ll keep you posted on progress. A big thanks to all for contributing to such a worthwhile project. Those of you who have meanwhile redeemed the lecturer/alumni/student you bid for, remember to send us photos of the events so we can post them. We also had a first networking result – an alumna was recruited to give a guest lecture at your alma mater.

This year will see a couple of IM Alumni events. Our Karaoke Event is set for March and will be expanded to include a few surprises and extra’s. The new campus building opens in summer- and we’ll tie in with that. We will also launch our IM Alumni prize. We’ll give you the details about these and other activities in January.

So, we toast you all and hope 2013 is a very lucky and happy year for you all.

Flo, Esin, Robel, Firat, Raina, Mario, Brigitte

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