Posted on 04/06/2018

Backstage with Rita Chiarelli, the Canadian “Blues Queen”. From left – Nathalie, Rita, Florian and Tobias.

Florian and his partner Nathalie spent a night being VIP’s at the Blues Festival Baden.  Florian was the highest bidder for alumnus Tobias Anliker’s offer: VIP tickets, dinner and backstage pass.  As a keen part-time musician himself, Florian loved this opportunity. “We had a blast”, he said.

They also got a chance to meet the Canadian singer/songwriter Rita Chiarelli – she’s been called  the Canadian Blues Queen.  Florian enjoyed the evening so much that he claims that he’s already blocked the days of the 2019 Festival in his agenda.

Tobias is one of the organisers of the Blues Festival ( though this is not his main job) and stood as one of the bosses at this  year’s fundraising Bid for a Boss event in April.  About CHF 2700 was raised by the charity auction – the majority of this will go to the SALTorg charity which organises scholarships for disadvantages Vietnamese children.

(From left) Tobias, Florian and Nathalie thoroughly enjoying the Blues Festival

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