Posted on 19/04/2018

Bidding frenzy for Lionel Pilorget at #IMBoss

Here are some more photos, taken by Serina Danz, of last week’s Bid for a Boss event.  As you can see, everyone had a great time.  We have so many lovely, moving, fun pix that we cannot publish them all here.  We’ve created two sets of sliders to make uploading a little quicker. (We’re looking to set up an alternative so you can see more pix- we’ll keep you posted.)

Pix: The Auction

Pix: Before and After the Auction

And what’s happening with the money?  As always, we have to now wait for all the winning bids to be deposited onto our bank account.  Once we have that, we can make a definite decision on how much money we will transfer to SALTorg, the charity that will award scholarships to disadvantaged Vietnamese children and youth.  Obviously we’ll let you know as soon as the money is transferred.

We’ll also get back to you when bids are redeemed.

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