Roll the drums folks, we raised roughly 4000 Swiss francs by successfully auctioning bosses to the IM Alumna on the 16th of May. Thank you people! Now that your job’s completed, ours has just started. We’re currently still in the process of collecting all the money, so if you’re one of the lucky devils who won a boss then please be reminded to pay your bill as soon as possible. Timely payment will facilitate our job and the money can be transferred to where it really belongs. As you were informed on the night of the event, we will donate a major amount of the proceeds to the “Swiss Support Foundation”, an NGO co-founded by former IM student Andrew Frei. The organization aims to improve the standards of living in the villages of Napantao, Southern Leyte in the Philippines.

With the remaining amount of money we will also finance this year’s graduation prize, which will pay tribute to the one student who contributed most to the IM community during the last three years and will hopefully continue to do so in the future!

And finally, of course, we also need to make sure that all the event costs are covered. This is what the last bit of money will be used for. We’ll post more information when the accounting process has been completed.

More photos of this event can be found online at Kierin Mulholland Photography page – Kierin Mulholland is an IM student and photographer.

1 August 2014

Bid for a Boss Event by Kierin Mulholland

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