Posted on 19/04/2018

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Over 30 current BSc IM students took the opportunity to talk with alumni who’ve been working in Communications for years.  At the lunchtime event (Communications Careers: Meet the Professionals on 17 April) Daniele Turini (Digital Consultant, xeit GmbH), Stefanie Pauli (Economics Journalist, SRF), Olivia Jeup (International Communications Manager, Roche) and Deborah Bürki (Event Manager, Franke) answered student questions.

The informal event was initiated by Olivia and Stefanie who well remember being IM students, interested in building a career in Communications, but not having any concept of what such jobs were like and how to enter the field.  For increasing numbers of students the many-facetted Comms field is attractive and their feedback on the event was very appreciative of having an opportunity to talk to the four experienced professionals.

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