Max de Boer (left) and Douglas Krebs (in charge of Stakeholder Management / Partnerships at Mobiliar) in the lobby. The company works closely with artists. Each six months, part of the building is re-designed by an artist. Pretty immersive.

Posted on 07/06/2019

IM Alumnus Douglas Krebs offered a double bill for #IMBoss auction in March: being hosted at his employer Mobiliar to gain insights into how CSR is practised plus free tickets to the Locarno Film Festival ( which they sponsor).  Bid winners Max de Boer and Brigitte Sprenger redeemed the first part and were deeply impressed by the art-filled building and the many sustainable projects.  Especially interesting was the Mobees – working with beekepers and maintaining hives all over the country. Apparently staff occasionally get bread with Mobees honey.  Great project- and thanks again.


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