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IM Alumni pay forward by contributing money, resources, knowledge or contacts to people or projects engaged in international education. IM Alumni received a quality education and numerous chances to internationalize. The Bid for A Boss event provides an opportunity for alumni and students to both give back and pay forward by raising funds for charities that help less advantages youth and also get an educational chance. At previous events we have raised money for: 

A secondary school set up by alumna Regina Nasseremba

charity fund, philippines

To fund health insurance for children, co-founded by alumnus Philip Frey 

Provides 2nd hand laptops and ICT training to pupils in rural Nigeria. Founded by alumnus John Uwaeke 

20 scholarships for disadvantaged children in rural Vietnam 

Giving back

n 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018 and 2019 we held charity auctions and each time raised between CHF 2000 – 4000 for charities set up by alumni. The remaining profits cover the annual IM Alumni Graduation Prize of CHF 400 to whichever graduand is voted the most “social cookie” by fellow classmates. And, as we don’t charge membership fees, we also need some funds to cover running costs (website hosting, F&B at our events).

Each time, up to 15 bosses offer all sorts of activities, events, opportunities.

Some of these were:

Visit Brussels for 2 days and gain insights into the European Parliament and the activities of the Swiss Science Foundation there

accompany a CEO to international trade fair in Germany

Conduct an orchestra and tickets to the concert

half a day personal branding guidance for Linked in from a HR social media manager

visit a YB match with a PwC director

Tickets to a cd-launch party of a folk band, be a member of the band for a day

lunch at a European city of choice (first class, using air miles) with a BCG partner

drinks at the Pebbles Bar, RocheTower, with a Roche controller

Backstage passes, tour and tickets to Baden Jazz Festival

behind the scenes at an SRF programme with an SRG journalist

a paid trip to Brussels to visit the European parliament and participate in Swiss-EU meetings

a boat trip on Lake Lucerne with a marketing professor

learn how to make ice-cream with a hotel manager

A major driver of the success of these auctions is our auctioneer Robert Buttery- with a quick wit and an ability to tease that extra frank out of people with humour has made him very popular.

At each event, the much-loved speed-networking takes place where you can meet new faces and if you missed out with your bid, meet some of those bosses. There’s always an apero riche and a bar and spirits are high – over the years many event visitors made good and lasting connections.

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