Great to see so many alumni, faculty, students and staff at the 20th anniversary party of the IM programme last Thursday.

The IM Wave (spot the deans, spot the alumni from nearly 20 years ago!). (Photo: Janine Wyler/Samira Lussi)

For those of you who were there – here are some photos and you can download loads more via the link or the QR code below. (And for those of you who weren’t there – here are some photos which will make you regret you didn’t make it).

We’ve also uploaded a version of the #IM20 movie. Due to copyrights this version has a different soundtrack. But you can play the Star Wars theme in the background yourselves 🙂

If you haven’t yet signed up for IM Alumni (no membership fees), you can use this form. It pays to keep in touch with your fellow alumni and receive news of events and other activities.


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