Posted on 14/10/2014 Graduates of the BSc International Management degree course in 2014 (Some of the) […]
Today we  donated 2000 Swiss Francs to Andrew Frei and Flavio Schneeberger”s Swiss Support Foundation! This […]
36 new graduates, and therefore new alumni, were celebrated at the Graduation Ceremony in Olten on […]
Vinzent Batt is an IM alumnus of the first generation and someone who’s always stayed in […]
Roll the drums folks, we raised roughly 4000 Swiss francs by successfully auctioning bosses to the […]
Today we received news and a photo of another boss encounter: boss Peter Maurer, an Area […]
Here’s the first news of redeeming a bid from the Charity Auction held on 16 May […]
Difficult to say what was most enjoyable about the Bid for a Boss Event on Friday […]
A week before he is a guest on Aeschbacher’s tv show, Alan Frei is our guest […]
So here it is – all the details.  Sign up, join us on 16 May. 2014 […]