Posted on 13/04/2018

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Last night’s Bid for  Boss raised nearly CHF 2700 – much of which will go to the SALTorg charity and provide education for disadvantged children and youth in Vietnam. A great evening which included entertaining network activites, delicious food and drink and of course, the highlight, Robert Buttery auctioning off 10 mind-blowing opportunities with bosses.

This year the auction was streamed live: if you missed the event or want to relive it again <a href="http://„>here it is  Thanks to the social media team of the School of Business.

And- we have a winner for the photo competition!  With 50 likes belvstarjo get the big bottle of vodka!   Go to Instagram to see other posts on the night.

Belvstarjo’s winning Instagram photo – the vodka’s his!

We’ll be counting up the money from both the bids and the bar profits and let you know how much goes to the nominated charity.  Additionally, money will go to the IM Graduation Prize.  Look out next week for more photos. We’ll also keep updating you on redeemed bids.

A huge thanks to just about everyone: the bosses, the student helpers, the IM Alumni Association board, both programme deans Anya Nikolina and Antje Leukens, Chetna Aggarwal for organising delicious food, Pernod Ricard for sponsoring a bar, Robert Buttery for flying in from Italy to deliver a hillarious auction.

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